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Annie's Little Plot

Annie's Little Plot

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

In the garden

I've not posted much about the garden this year, been spending most of my gardening time at the allotment this summer, getting that up and running. So the garden has been a little bit neglected if I'm honest. Its a good job I'm so relaxed about gardening. I do need to have a rethink about the garden again this year as I want to squeeze in a greenhouse! So thats what I'll be spending the next few weeks planning.
Here are a few pictures from the summer, to cheer me up on this grey November day. It has been as abundant as ever, if a bit out of control!

The plot where I used to grow my vegetables before I got the allotment I have had as a cutting garden. With sweet peas, Cobaea, Cornflowers, nigella, sunflowers and nicotiana. It has been reasonably successful but could be better. I think I'm going to get rid of my strawberries next year as they are probably a bit exhausted now and I've got some new plants up at the allotment. These have been in over three years so will be ready to give up now. I've also got some raspberry canes in the garden which really get in the way now. I'm not sure whether to try and move them to the allotment. Not sure how successful that would be or whether to just dig them up and plant new ones at the allotment.
To remind me of summer days, my favourite cut flowers...


  1. Lucky you as I only have the allotment, and I don't have a greenhouse either!
    I see that you grow various of my favourite flowers such as cornflowers, sunflowers and sweet peas.
    I like the photos, especially the one with the butterfly.
    As for moving raspberries yes you can. Do it either now before the ground gets cold and wet or leave through to the early spring. Next years crop may not be too brilliant but don't worry if it's not as they'll be okay beyond that.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog. Flighty xx

  2. Thanks Flighty for the advice on moving raspberries. I'll give it a go. It may be a bit of a challenge getting them out as they are starting to take over a bit. I'll let you know how I get on.

  3. I love your little garden and the way that you have packed plenty in, these photos are lovely reminders of summer on these grey drizzley days, I hope you don't tidy the garden up too much - raspberries do transplant okay - but can't you just leave one in amongst your flowers for a true cottage garden effect.