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Annie's Little Plot

Annie's Little Plot

Saturday, 12 May 2012

On the right path

Well its been a gorgeous day today and I've been making the most of it, who knows how long this will last. I got to my allotment at just after 12 and left at 5 o'clock and it feels like I've had a really useful day. Since my last post I have been up there a couple of times but again we have had some rain this week. It seems like it is never ending and still cold.
So this is what I've been doing, I managed to acquire a load of bits of wood and I've been making some more permanent paths on the plot. This will hopefully save me lots of time weeding and just make it a bit more organised. I wasn't really sure quite what I was doing at first but the way I have done it is to put two wood stakes in either side of the plank of wood to hold it in place. The pieces of wood were all different widths but never mind. Its got a rustic look! I dragged my other half up to help me last weekend, though not really much help apart from with the wheelbarrow, bringing the bark chippings that I'm putting on the path!
This is the second path that I made, the one I did today.
I've got one more to do but they just divide the main part of the plot into three.

You can see that they are not perfect but functional!
Just need to do the path which is edging my fruit bed.
Which I have to say is looking great at the moment, my redcurrant is flourishing this year, as is my gooseberry bush.
My alpine strawberries are completely covered in flowers.
But most exciting of all at the plot is the first flowerbuds appearing on my globe artichokes.
Its also a relief that my potatoes are starting to come through now. Just starting to peep out.
I also planted some sweet peas, some gladioli and some peas to replace the ones that the slugs had eaten. I just generally tidied up the plot and did some strimming of the edges which are getting a bit overgrown.
I came back home glowing, its just great to feel the warmth of the sun for the first time in a while.
By the way the two ducks that I showed a picture of, in my last post, that were making a home in my local park last week have been joined by another male duck so now a little threesome. They seem like a permanent fixture there now.


  1. Your plot is looking great. Sounds and looks like you had a most productive day. Loving the paths. I completely agree about feeling the warmth of the sun on you. It is such a pleasant change, especially after all the rain. I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever see the sun again!!

  2. A good idea to divide the plot up with paths, not only does it divide the different planting areas up, it avoids walking across soil regularly. Looking good too.