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Annie's Little Plot

Annie's Little Plot

Sunday, 23 December 2012

What's that yellow blob in the sky?

Oh yes its the sun, I'd forgotten what that looked like! The cloudy, foggy skies of the past few days along with the shortest days of the year have combined to create a gloomy few days here in Huddersfield. It was lovely to get out in the garden this morning just for a few minutes and see the sunlight on the garden even if all I was doing was topping up the bird feeder, checking up on things in the greenhouse and looking, hopefully, for signs of spring.
This picture was taken last spring but its what we have to look forward to.
There are some signs though, ever the optimist, there are just the very green tips of the snowdrops in the front garden, the buds of the Hellebore flowers nestling at the bottom of the plant, the fat grey, wooly buds on the Magnolia, the odd hardy flower on a primrose, the dainty decorative leaves of Cyclamen coum and the mottled leaves of the Arum italicum.
In my greenhouse, the Broad beans that I sowed a few weeks ago are starting to poke through. It makes me very happy that I'm already preparing for next year.
I've not been up to the allotment for a few weeks, this is what is awaiting me. A big pile of muck in the communal area that needs moving to my plot. This is to share between myself and another fellow plot holder, we decided to share a delivery from a local farmer. It will last me years I think!
We did start moving some last time I was there and its has gone down but still needs sorting.
Anyway I'm off now for 2 weeks so I'm sure I'll get some time at the plot. Its been a hectic couple of months really and I'm ready for a break. Doing some work on the plot will be just what I need. I'm just trying to sort some things out before my dad comes out of hospital so him and my mum get the help they need for them both to recover from a difficult time. Its certainly brought our family closer together and makes me feel very grateful for having such a loving family.
So finally Happy Christmas and best wishes to all my blog friends who I've befriended in the last few years. Have a good break if you are able to and here's looking forward to another year of seed sowing, growing and harvesting in 2013.


  1. Good luck with shifting that pile of muck!
    Thanks, and to you to. Flighty xx

  2. Wishing you every happiness this Christmas and hope things are a little better for you in the new year.

  3. A merry Christmas to you too. Hopefully the sun will shine again throughout next year.

  4. Oh I'm envious of that pile of muck. ;) I hope you have a lovely Christmas and a chance to rest and relax a little. I hope that your Dad has a speedy recovery and that 2013 is a better year for you. Best wishes WW x

  5. Hi Annie Just popped across to pay you a visit after you made a comment on my blog. Another almost neighbour - hope by now you have managed to move some of that heap before someone runs off with it!

    1. Thanks Sue, been up there for the first time today in ages, still not moved it all but don't think many other people have been up to their plots much the last few weeks either. So good to get out in the fresh air today.