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Annie's Little Plot

Annie's Little Plot

Sunday, 5 February 2012

I think we got off lightly

The snow mostly missed us this weekend, it has been bad in Manchester and bad in Leeds but here in Huddersfield only a thin covering. Shame in a way as I was looking forward to a nice walk in the snow today.
This was the garden this morning, with just Bob the cat's footprints. He hates the snow and has spent most of the day today curled up asleep on the back of the chair next to the radiator.
The cyclamen was peeking through with its vibrant pink, near the lovely foliage of the Arum maculatum and in my front garden the spidery flowers of the Witch Hazel.

I went for a walk to the allotment but I shouldn't have, it looked very bleak, spring seems a long way off today. 
This is at the entrance of the site.
My plot looked very bare.
The kale looks very sorry for itself and I hope my Globe artichokes will survive this cold.

Nearly used all my leeks up now.


  1. Hi Annie, thanks for popping over to my blog. Your cyclamen look beautiful poking up above the snow like that. You are braver than I am, venturing up to your plot. I'm ignoring mine until I know I have the energy to do some digging up there!

  2. I think Bob had the right idea! My plot looked just as bleak yesterday morning. Flighty xx