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Annie's Little Plot

Annie's Little Plot

Saturday, 24 March 2012

The east-west divide of sunshine!

Sometimes I get frustrated living in Huddersfield. This morning is one of those days. The weather forecast last night was proclaiming beautiful warm sunshine and temperatures balmy for this time in spring, so I set the alarm to get up early at the weekend and open my curtains to dense fog!! I'm writing this now at 11.00 and its still here, think we are going to miss this lovely day. This happens often, I work in Manchester, the other side of the Pennines and I often set off for work all wrapped up, with umbrella in hand and as soon as we get through Stanage tunnel on the train, the amazing Saddleworth scenery is now bathed in sunshine. It can work the other way occasionally, it will be gorgeous in Huddersfield and I have my summer clothes on and then Manchester is cloud-covered and cool. I've just sent a message to my friend, Tracy, in Cheadle (on the other side) and she is out there weeding in glorious sunshine. Boo.
Oh well, the plants seem to be enjoying the extra moisture though. My lovely delicate prunus blossom.

Some potted up Sedum plants.
The new leaves on the Honeysuckle.
And the lovely vibrant foliage of an Acer. All glistening with moisture.
I'm sure it will brighten up eventually this afternoon, but in the meantime I think I'll get to with some seed sowing.....


  1. The last few mornings it has been exactly the same here till lunchtime then it has turned into summer. Been able to get loads done till I got too hot and had to come inside to cool off.

  2. Sorry to hear about the weather. I know what you mean, 2 weeks ago we had a whole week of low cloud and fog when the east of the country were bathed in sunshine. That Prunus blossom is stunning.