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Annie's Little Plot

Annie's Little Plot

Friday, 6 January 2012

Batten down the hatches!

Well we've certainly started the new year with some wild weather, after the lovely day on monday woke up on tuesday to winds and heavy rain and it didn't stop until last night. I hardly slept on wednesday night the wind was so strong I kept waiting to hear the sounds of banging and crashing on the roof. Its a lovely sunny day today and I went out to survey the damage. Luckily nothing too major though two sad sights in the garden.

This is my oldest mini greenhouse that has done me very well for quite a few years. Had a replacement coat but other than that has been great. But I think its the end now. Its situated at the side of the house where wind can really blow down like a wind tunnel so its not surprising that this has happened. It collapsed with only a few plants in it, but I think I have managed to save those. I've got two other mini greenhouses in the garden which have got more plants in so I'm glad it wasn't one of them although the wind blew the cover completely off one of them.
The other casualty is my arch.
Bob is helping me survey the damage! I've learnt my lesson now though, am going to have replace it with a much sturdier (and inevitably more expensive) one. This one just rusted at one side and has completely snapped at the bottom. But I think in this case you get what you pay for. I hope I can save the honeysuckle, jasmine and clematis but I'm sure they'll be fine.
Hope my allotment shed will have survived the winds, will have to go and look later if I get chance.


  1. Hi Annie,

    It has been wild hasn't it. I didn't get much sleep on Wednesday night either. I'm sorry to see you have suffered some damage but hopefully it won't be too bad. We have been fine, although a neighbour's Monkey Puzzle tree was up rooted completely. I've just been up to my allotment and everything is fine there too apart from a load of rubbish from an unloved neighbouring plot that had blown all over mine.I'm glad I didn't buy the mini polytunnel cloche I was going to get before Christmas to put over some winter lettuce. Who knows where it would have ended up? Hope the shed is still standing.

  2. SNAP! I have just posted a photo of the demise of my mini-greenhouse and I lost my metal arch as well. Do you think someone is trying to tell us something!

  3. Oh no! I hope you didn't lose any plants. Its been a blustery start to the year. I've just been browsing arches on the web and I think I'm going to try a sturdier wooden rustic looking arch.

  4. Oh dear, it sure was a wild week. Thankfully my plot was okay but I noticed some minor damage on others.
    I fancy an arch for a climbing rose so I'll be interested to see what you get. Flighty xx