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Annie's Little Plot

Annie's Little Plot

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Whats going on...

Well I wasn't expecting to have to get my snow boots and ski coat out again this year but have woken up to a snow covered landscape this morning. Snow in April well that's weird, maybe not that unusual but it is when we have had record spring temperatures in Scotland just a week or so ago and the fact that we were all gardening under clear blue skies and warm sunshine last week. OK fair enough that was unseasonably warm but to go from that to this seems crazy.

The warm weather rushed some plants into growth so we had tulips and daffodils flowering at the same time, bet the tulips wish they hadn't been in such a rush and had stayed tucked under for a few weeks more. Its horrible out there, I usually like the snow but its very wet snow and the wind is just icy.

Other plants don't seem too impressed, my lovely rhododendron, which had only just started flowering.

My cherry blossom which cheered me so a week ago is sulking abit now.
What effect this weather will have on my plants we'll have to see.

Its still snowing too so who knows how much we will have, luckily I've no travel excuses today I'm working at home. Don't think Bob will be going very far either.


  1. Wow, that's an amazing amount of snow. We've been lucky in Chester and had none but it's very cold and wet.
    Lovely photos.

  2. Talk about one extreme to the other - snow just started here - rushed out to cover stuff up - keeping my fingers crossed everything survives.

  3. Oh no not snow again. We're lucky here we haven't had any but it's flipping cold again. I had to dig out a jumper and but on an extra pair of socks again. I was wandering around in a tshirt this time last week. I've had to fleece the new apple tree because I was worried it would get damaged overnight it was so cold.Hopefully this cold spell won't last much longer I had planned a long weekend gardening, might spend it indoors with a hot water bottle at this rate!!