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Annie's Little Plot

Annie's Little Plot

Friday, 22 June 2012

Garden of Edible and Useful Plants

I had some time to kill before I went to the Chelsea Flower show and I'd read that there was a new garden within the Chelsea Physic Garden so I went to have a look. The new garden, the Garden of Edible and Useful Plants, covers half an acre, and was newly opened the day of my visit.

If you've never been to the Chelsea Physic garden before then I definitely recommend a visit when you are next in London, it is an oasis within the city. Take the tube to Sloane Square and follow the signs for the garden. I visited last year, and wrote a post, which you can read for more information on the history of the garden.
The new garden is designed in a potager type style.

There is a lovely stone raised bed area at one end of the garden into which is planted multiple herbs which probably like the good drainage that this design would provide. You can sit on the bottom step and enjoy the scents from this area. This is called the perfumery amphitheatre!

There are plants used in perfume, in hygiene and cosmetics, treatments, fibres, dyes, clearing the land, even plants used in our religions and faiths. All plants used in our day to day lives, its fascinating to see them all together and read about this wide range of plants.
The edible garden has plants used to extract oil, ones grown for different vitamins, plants which flavour or spice up our foods, plants grown to make beverages and alcohol. There are some unusual and heritage varieties and some grown in a forest garden style.
Though it looks a bit sparse at the moment being newly planted it promises to develop into a lovely garden section and prove how much we rely on plants in our everyday lives often without even thinking about it.
Now I realise how big my lemon verbena could get, though I guess this garden is a lot more sheltered than mine.
 Other attractions in the garden at this time of year are the Echiums.

The poppies.


  1. Looks like it's going to be a beautiful spot when it's matured. Chelsea Physic Garden is a pretty special place in the middle of all those buildings.

  2. A most enjoyable post about a really lovely garden.
    I've not been there for a few years but can see that I'm going to have visit it again in the not too distant future.
    Flighty xx

  3. It will be a lovely place when it has filled out a bit - I love the design.

  4. Thanks for sharing this post, One for my note book and a future visit.

  5. On my 'to visit list'. It looks like a fascinating place.

  6. This looks like a wonderful place! I'm headed to the London area next spring and will have to see if I fit this in. :o)