The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies. Gertrude Jekyll

Annie's Little Plot

Annie's Little Plot

Friday, 19 August 2016


Gardening is such a big part of my life, its keeps me happy, sane and grounded. I love flowers they bring me joy, and gardening I can't imagine not doing it, the connection it gives me with nature and the environment, the fresh air and the eternal link to the seasons, it keeps me going. My love of gardening has been nurtured by my mum, she has always created beautiful gardens in both of my family homes and I have strong memories of the plants and flowers in those gardens. Even more recently when she moved into sheltered accomodation she created a small garden of containers which everyone there admired. More than that she was always creating pots for all the other people in the home. Sharing her joy with others. My mums name was Daisy and she had three sisters Lily, Iris and Violet, is it any wonder that she loved gardening. It gave her great happiness and enjoyment, sitting out there watching the birds. It was her pride and joy and got her through the many trials and tribulations which every family has to contend with.
My mum passed away a few weeks ago, I'm going to miss her so much, she has been the centre of my life, always there for me either in person or at the end of the phone to hear about my week and telling me her news.
She never really got over the death of my dad three years ago though was really brave and tried really hard to keep going, even with increasing ill health she never complained. I myself have 4 sisters and a brother and over the last few years we have seen her at least once a week and how glad I am to have had that time with her. Our routines will all have to change now, but one of the nice things in these difficult few weeks has been spending time with them. We have made promises with each other to arrange more times together.

This was the poem that I selected to read at her funeral. Think it was perfect for my mum and also for all us siblings, hope you don't mind me sharing it with you.

My Mother kept a garden.
A garden of the heart;
She planted all the good things,
That gave my life it's start.

She turned me to the sunshine,
And encouraged me to dream:
Fostering and nurturing
The seeds of self-esteem.

And when the winds and rains came,
She protected me enough;
But not too much, she knew I'd need
To stand up strong and tough.

Her constant good example,
Always taught me right from wrong;
Markers for my pathway
To last my whole life long.

I am my Mother's garden,
I am her legacy.
And I hope today she feels the love,
Reflected back from me.

As you might imagine my garden and allotment have taken a back seat these last few months but I'm slowly getting back into it and finding it helps. I have missed following all your blogs, I hope to catch up with all your plots and gardens soon xx