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Annie's Little Plot

Annie's Little Plot

Sunday, 14 August 2011

It's harvest time, in between the weeding and watering!

So whats been happening at my allotment in July and August since my last allotment post, well I seem to spend all my time up there either weeding or watering (well Ok not this week!) but I'm really starting to harvest my crops in earnest now.
I had a bumper crop of potatoes, the first and second earlies, Vale's Emerald and Charlotte. I've still got a few Charlotte still in there too. My main crop spuds I haven't looked at yet, they are Pink Fir Apple.
I've harvested my garlic which has been a fine crop and also most of my shallots, they are both being dried off at home so that they will store well. My red onions are almost ready to pick too, they have done really well too after a slow start.
My squash plants are really taking off now and spreading across the plot.

 I'm getting masses of courgettes, in fact I've had so many I've sold some to my local greengrocer.
I'm also very proud of my Calabrese and the cabbage which is has been great once I protected them from the pigeons.
The runner beans have just started and again this promises to be a bumper crop.
Its the first time I have grown celeriac and this seems to be growing well.
The leeks are getting big already, they'll be ready before long.
I've got some cucumbers growing though whether they will grow into proper fruit but we'll wait and see.
The flowers on my plot are coming on too, the sunflowers.



One thing I've noticed on the plot is that there is a healthy number of ladybirds and for the first time I'm also seeing lots of lady bird larvae.

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