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Annie's Little Plot

Annie's Little Plot

Thursday 7 April 2011

A busy day at the allotment

So another warm sunny day for April!
Yesterday at the allotment we were all by ourselves with no help from Martin's dad! We had to replace some of the panels on the shed side. We had to remove the window and then replace 8 panels.

We need a door for the shed now! Martin did a fantastic job.
It just needs a coat of paint now and its the best shed on the allotment!

While Martin was busy with the shed I planted my fruit bed. Planted some Strawberries 'Elsanta', a gooseberry bush, a redcurrant and my favourite, some rhubarb 'Timperly Early', shame that I won't be able to harvest any of that this year. There are a few flowers on my currant bush and hopefully I'll have some gooseberries.

It was great today met a couple of other plot holders, all coming to have a look at the shed! One chap has a shed which the front is completely made from old window panes. They are all very friendly.

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