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Annie's Little Plot

Annie's Little Plot

Sunday 3 April 2011

Spring in the garden

My garden is looking very colourful now, with the tulips coming out.

At the back of the garden under the apple tree, which creates a dappled shade, I have most of my spring flowering plants including Oriental Hellebores, Cyclamen, Primroses, Pulmonaria, Euphorbias and Azalea.

 The big rhododendron bush at the bottom of the garden is just starting to flower, has bright pink flowers which fade to pale pink. It always gives a short but spectacular display.
I also love the young leaves starting to unfurl on the Japanese Maples. I have two in the back garden, one in the sun which comes into leaf slightly earlier than the other which is slightly shaded.
 Have seen my first butterfly of the year today and there are lots of big bees out and about, one particularly enjoying the blossom on my new tree.

Another of my favourite flowers at this time of year is the Snake's Head Fritillary, I've a few coming out around the garden.

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